Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Remembering Ruben Salazar ... (listening to Stomp)

Ruben Salazar is briefly covered in today's LA Times ... Salazar died after being shot by tear gas projectile shortly after he was covering the Chicano anti-Vietnam War Moratorium rally in East Los Angeles in 1970. He was a reporter and columnist at the Los Angeles Times and the news director of Spanish-language television station KMEX in Los Angeles

Salazar was born in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, across the Rio Grande from El Paso on 3 March 1928. A year later his parents, Luz Chavez and Salvador Salazar, a watch repairman, moved across the river, and Ruben grew up in El Paso. He attended primary and secondary schools there and learned to practice the Boy Scout virtues. After high school he entered the U.S. army, where he served a two-year tour of duty just before the Korean conflict. Out of the service and now an American citizen, Salazar entered the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP) and received his B.A. in journalism four years later in 1954. During his last two years as a student at UTEP he worked as a reporter for the El Paso Herald Post, where he demonstrated both great interest and skill in investigative reporting.

... tambien, a brief discription of the last few minutes of Ruben Salazar's life ...

... tambien ... here's a list of selected articles written by Salazar ...

El Paso, 1955-1956
"Speakeasies Sell "Atomic' Booze in South El Paso"
"Mexican-Americans, the Border, and Braceros, 1961-1965"
"Mexican-Americans Move into New Era of Political Awakening"
"Murder of a Crusader Underlines Tijuana Choice: Reform or Go Red"
"Civic Leaders Troubled by School Dropouts"
"Spanish-Speaking Angelenos: a Culture in Search of a Name"
"Latins Here to Protest Bracero Law"
"Growers Hit 'Meddling' with Bracero Program"
"Mexican-American Lag in Schooling Income"

Foreign Correspondent, 1965-1968
"Dominican Leader Denies Red Charge"
"Who Would Get U.S. Fire, Junta, Rebels?"
"Students, Army Troops Battle in Mexico City"
"Wonderland of Color Welcomes Olympics"

The Chicano Movement, 1969-1970
"Militants Fight to Retain Spanish as their Language"
"Chicanos Hold 5-State Event in Colorado"
"United Farm Workers to Hold Rally, Woo Mexican Farm Workers"
"Brown Berets Hail 'La Raza' and Scorn the Establishment"
"Bilingual Texas Public School Gains Support"
"Latins Form Distinct Class, U.S. Aid says"
"Maligned Word: Mexican"
"The 'Wetback' Problem Has More Than Just One Side"
"Chicano's Long Love Affair with Democratic Party Ends"
"Mexican-American School Walkout Focused on Problem"


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