Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Rove Booed At RAZA Conference ... (listening to Tierra)

Ondale ... as you might have read ... the National Council of La Raza held a four dia conference en el lay ... simon ... and on the fourth dia ... a little piggy named Karl Rove said ... open up or I'll huff y pinche puff and make all of you my pinche gardeners ... simon ... or algo asi ... gueys ... on the last day, Tuesday, of the NCLR conference ... President W's homie Karl Rove spoke ... and was heckled ... booed ... and I think tripas and handfuls de canned Juanitas menudo was thrown at him ...

According to the Huffington Post ... "White House political strategist Karl Rove touted "shared values" of faith and family and reiterated President Bush's support of broad immigration reform in a Los Angeles address Tuesday to one of the nation's largest Latino civil rights organizations.

In a lunchtime talk at the National Council of La Raza's annual conference, the Republican advisor outlined Bush's plan for stronger border security, workplace enforcement, a guest worker program and earned legalization for undocumented immigrants."

Anyways ... the Huffington post had it as a headliner cuenta and shit ... with blogger comments up the culo ... here are some of the comments from RAZA and NON-RAZA Huffington readers ...

- I can't stand Carl Rove, but being booed and heckled by an openly racist supremecist group might be the best thing for implementation of the House's bill. By: longhairrepublicansurfer Dude, your comment is almost as conflicting as your alias.

You take the rad out of radical.Surf's up!

- Give Karl some credit. At least he is willing to speak in front of a non-handpicked audience as opposed to Dubya.And that is the "positive news" of the day! LOL!Karl, tu eres un hijo de la gran puta. Espero te pudras en el infierno.Aloha

- Let's see, this Latino group booed the statement that our borders would be better controled in the future. Maybe they will, maybe they won't. The point is, the Latino community would like to see OUR borders continue to be porous so THEY can come and go at will. In other words, they do not value having secure borders in their "adopted" country. Does the U.S. just exist then as a convenience for Latino immigrants? By: trilby Right on, with all the shit Rove's done wrong to this country, and what gets these "individuals" riled up is his/the administration's stance border security. I think the Dems need to be looking else ware for allies.

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