Wednesday, May 03, 2006

"With our history of taking care of ourselves" Lucy Dunn OCBC ... (listening to You Haven't Done Nothin')

Ondale ... had enough of "illegal alien" or "undocumented worker" or "those people" reading ... pues too bad porque it ain't going away ... BUTT in the pinche meantime, eses, check out these firme PLANNING AND TRANSPORTATION reads ...

Western Regional Council of Govs (WRCOG) Exec. Director and Naranjaville resident Rick Bishop speaks to the Metro Investment Report about WHAT'S UP in 909 y 951 ... simon ... this COG collects a tranportation and urbanization mitigation fee (TUMF) from construction of new casitas and new commercial chantes ... tons of cash aqui ... and Bishop explains how SCAG throws the chinga and unwanted excess of the regions urban planning towards 909 ... what the vato doesn't say es que 909 ciudades had their arms twisted to approve TUMF cosas for their cities ... simon ... if cities didn't approve TUMF then they would not rec fidea from Riverside's 1/2 cent sales tax Measure for transportation projects which was renewed by voters en 2002 for an additional 30 years ... CHINGATE TU!!!

HABLANDO DE 1/2 cent sales tax Measures ... en Naranjaville, our Measure M for PLANING AND FUNDING OF TRANSPORTATION PROJECTOS is coming up soon ... check them out ... simon ... will we voters renew the sales tax for another 20 or 30 anos ... DEPENDS ... depends on whose the pinche BITCH ... ondale ... BUTT check out what La Lucy Dunn of the Orange County Business Council (OCBC) has to say about Measure M and about Naranjaville taking care of their own ... ondale ... Naranjaville and the Godfather of Measure M, Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) can't even develop a TUMF cosa ... simon ... not enough casitas being hecho aqui ... thus, therefore o como puedes, guey, OCTA is twisting OC city's arms like a pinche chavala ... simon to be eligible for RENEWED Measure M fidea, according to OCTA, these two-meal ciudades must ... have a pinche pavement programa ... be part of a county-wide signal light syncro programa ... plus, city's must match renewed Measure M fidea with other dollars or pesos ... NO ME CHINGAS!!!

FINALLY ... LAST OF ALL ... and then ... BUTT nunca en conclusion ... James Rojas, founder of the Latino Urban Forum, talks to The Planning Report about New Latino Urbanism … and how urban and planning needs of nosotros might just not be in that pinche checklist de COGS or BUSINESS COUNCILS or otro pinche ASSOCIATION OF GOVERNMENTS o AUTHORITIES … and about a continuous changing definition of SPACE and PLACE y COMMUNITY … he also talks about the LATINO PEDESTRIAN ISSUE … GUEY!!!


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