Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Loco Letters ... (listening to Both Sides of the Gun)

Sabes que ... as I wait for eduardo galeano on Charlie Rose ... I'm reminded of a LETTER ... es que ... siempre ese ... I read the last chapter primero ... I always read reviews by TORTILLA WRITERS ... and when I read the OC Weekly ... I read Ask A Mexican first ... then I read the LETTERS ... simon ... alli the immigration debate continues ...

Simon ... check out this LOCO LETTER from the 25 de Mayo edition de OC Weekly ...

I hope ol’ Gus (Ask a Mexican) will not be offended but what I’m going to lay down is the absolute truth. I’m fuckin sick of going to any of my local stores and navigating my way through snot-nosed, loud, misbehaved young Mexican kids. If they’re not there, you can tell they were at some point cuz now I have to navigate through the mess like it was a Marine Corps boot camp obstacle course. Their mother, who usually is quite obese (thanks to plentiful government assistance) is oblivious to the notion that other people like to shop in reasonably kept stores. Discipline is rarely doled out. They say they come here for a better life, to do the jobs that blacks and whites won’t do. They say they are doing nothing wrong. They cry out in despicable self pity about how they have seven children and need to make money for their little undisciplined bambinos. Here’s a thought: quit breeding so much and deal with your economic situation before you drag innocent beings into your shitty world. The competition’s already stiff. What comes around doesn’t go around if you’re an American these days . . . it just goes. I’m talking about our tax dollars that goes into programs such as FREE day care in high schools—can you hear me Santa Ana Unified School District? Mayor Pulido! What bullshit. I had to put my ass on the line in the Corps to receive my well-earned G.I. bill to become a better-educated, well-respected citizen. It’s no wonder they took to the streets to protest . . . it’s not about the jobs. IT’S THE FREE BENNIES!! And don’t even get me started on the gang problems. I’m half Mexican and I had to knock their dicks in the dirt without using a gun when confronted only to be chased in gunfire. Good thing Mexicans have bad aim. No wonder they can’t win a war. My grandfather is a well-respected World War II veteran and business owner. Did I mention 100 percent Mexican? He was born here but with much less than any of you thankless illegals. How did he rise through the same ol’ shit that you guys are complaining about? Oh, I don’t know, how about assimilating to the American way, developing etiquette, not dropping out of school, and most important, keeping a sense of pride and dignity. I have long since given up on our crooked government so we now must take action. I am proposing an American walkout to the immigration problem, the high gas prices, and every other reason to wake the fat sleeping lazy cats in office. I’m sick of it all and we need to propel our society out of this dismal haze and depression. So I urge you fellow Americans and illegals who are going through the process who truly love this country and want to better it for ourselves and for our future generations to stand or sit in the name of taking back what’s ours. The government wants you to take your Ritalin, Lithium, Prozac, Oxycontin, Wellbutrin and any other mind-paralyzing drug to deal with these social ills. But we cannot have a paralysis of action. We need socially abrupt people, we need political incorrectness, we need colorful personalities. That’s what made America great in the first place, RIGHT? Let’s not let the government do away with the Hunter Thompsons and Oscar Zeta Gonzalezes of this great land. You might be next, OC Weekly, to be axed from printing your great publication. So let’s slay the pale horse that’s trying to control us and our future!
James Cregut
Via e-mail

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