Tuesday, May 02, 2006

_ _ _ _ _ Cat Dedications (listening to Living for the City)

Ondale ... sabes que ... here's another whiffer GOP WETDREAM ... RAZA Left VS Hispanic Right on the pinche topic of May 1st ... simon ... check out these gente ... Juan Jose Guiterrez de Latino Movement USA y la wacky Leslie Sanchez from Impacto Group ... there's even a "Leslie Sanchez story" ... eeehhhoooo ... now she's a WAB ...

You can read it aqui or it's on audio tambien ... como quieren, gueys ... tambien, I wanted to send out these dedications to my homies and homies-not ... ondale ...

To: sanTana city council and all vendors, the homeless and the real estate assoc., Nick and Jessica, Red and Blue, Jim Gilchrist and all Mexicans ET AL,

Dedication: Me and You, Confessing a Feeling, Baby I’m Yours, I’m Your Puppet, Reunited, Searching For My Love, Reasons, I Want You Back

To: A Day Without a Mexican Supporters and Participants and Organizers

Dedication: Don’t Let No One Get You Down, The Town I live In, United

To: Gente who completed cultural competency or diversity training, Gabachos and Gabachas with Mexican significant others, Hermosa Beach Chicanos, “Immigrants are good people” line droppers, Arte Moreno (Angels played on May 1st),

Dedication: Tell It Like It Is, You’re Still A Young Man, That’s How Heartaches Are Made, I Like The Way You Love Me, Hello Stranger

To: U.S. flag burners, Mexican flag burners, separatists, crazy nationalists, AZTLAN fanatics, Minute Men, Richard M. Nixon Presidential Library Board Members, The Lincoln Club, Lupe Moreno, Lou Dobbs, Leslie Sanchez/Impacto Group

Dedication: Baby Is There Something On Your Mind, Open Your Eyes, Just A Dream, Hypnotized, Hey There Lonely Girl, The World Is A Ghetto


At 8:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ondale Cholo, play us some oldies!! Estas loco, homeBOY!! SUPPORT SOLORIO FOR 69TH DISTRICT!!! Baby I'm For Real!!

At 2:02 PM, Anonymous brotha from anotha motha said...

Cholo, is it too late for me to put in my dedication???? I love it


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