Friday, February 24, 2006

Put Your (Her)manos Together ... (listening to Fleetwood Mac)

Latino LA turns me on to this poema by Daniel Olivas de La Bloga ...

In the wake of morning’s love, los hermanos commenced building el pueblo from the ground up.

By noon’s smile, the tight, happy cobblestone streets veined through el pueblo like breathing roots around strong, worthy homes, churches and schools.

By afternoon, la gente, who now bustled through el pueblo, grew restless and vile.

“This pueblo is too perfect,” they said.

“We have no reason to strive!”

So, la gente razed the strong, worthy buildings.

With gory fingers, they dug up each happy cobblestone.

And in evening’s horror, la gente snarled as they buried the weeping hermanos with el pueblo’s bloodstained rubble.


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