Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Dog Day Taco ... (listening to Cameo)

A few days ago, I went to my regular taco stand on Main and St. Gertrude, right across from the very sloppy Bank of America. I had ordered their delicious crispy and soft tacos with a bottled Coca-Cola. I was given all that plus three slices of lime, jalepenos and carrots and a straw. All the napkins were on the table. It’s a small joint, with tables outside and its patio is enclosed with thick plastic type coverings. The covers keep the wind out but it still gets cold at night. I read the chamber’s CITYLINE newpaper as I waited for my food.

The paper mentioned the chamber’s new digs, coming soon, to be at 501 Main St, near the Alano … Richard Torras was the new chair … then on page 3, there was written talk about the chamber’s new development task force …

Seems chamber members have influenced city council to adopt its preferred agenda for the city’s planning and building process … from establishing a subcommittee on land use … to developing a specific development plan … to updating the city’s general plan … to preparing a comprehensive update to the city’s zoning ordinance … the chamber lobbied locals and sat them down in September to adopt new rules for planning and building in sanTana ….

Not bad for a body that's been alive for 116 years ... even though we're older and wiser ... but just not as organized ... oh yeah ... and not as well off ...

BUTT back to my comida … decades ago, this chante was a gas station … then a taco stand … then another taco stand … and now a nice clean place to get decent food, I guess. Anyways, on this dog day afternoon, I was eating my tacos … it was about 2pm. I couldn’t help notice but the the very old buildings surrounding this section of Main St. and St. Gertrude … old single story buildings that house hair salons, insurance co’s, flower shops, furniture tiendas, toy stores, jewelry shops … ETCETERA … and one store that requires a bi-weekly visit by an armored vehicle … que pues.

I doubt this location is one that generates tons of revenue or has any hope of offering great wages to workers. Gente walk by the business but because they’re on their way elsewhere. Cars pass by tambien. In the 20 minutes or so I was there, probably a good 100 cars passed by … all going somewhere else. And this taco stand is doing well because it’s just that … a place to buy a good cheap taco … not clothing, music or anything else. I wouldn’t open anything in the area and wouldn’t recommend anyone to either. It just seems this part of Main Street is destitute for new blood that will only come with the unfortunes of some type of redevelopment. Who knows what will happen to the properties and who knows what will happen with this part of Main Street with the $30 point algo million sanTana rec’d from OCTA gente for road repairs.

BUTT this part of town is just sitting and waiting … just sitting and waiting … if you head further up and pass Edinger Ave … there’s so much more life … there’s the perverted St. Anne’s Church where I was baptized and did my first communion … there’s a Sav-on drug stores where cars get broken into siempre … there’s Red-Wing shoes … a very busy ARCO gas station … across from this is my barber, Ringside Barber … which sits next to a tire/mechanic shop … it’s all just OK …

Then if you go in the other direction … and hit Warner … there’s a newer McDonalds … the new Esqueda School … and commercial properties that make dingy goods and workers dingy … that’s all … I would go into the residential chisme but I'll leave that for your Sunday drive ... it's housing and gente and vendors ...

Chingow … this place is nowhere on anyone’s map for nada … for redevelopment … development … or new tenants … it’s just that place to grab a taco … you don’t even use the ATM aqui … and the new development task force … they’re out of here ….


At 2:46 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know exactly where u are talking about. the old Serano's. Their combo carne asada burritos are what i p/u when i'm in the area.
Great point!!!


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