Friday, January 20, 2006

Ese ... You Talkin' To Me ... (listening to She Swallos It)

Pues ... unfortunately ... sanTana City Council approved a $6 million deal with a Honda dealership Tuesday to demolish el famoso former strip club Mr. J's and expand the city's auto mall ...

Dice El Register ... "After three weeks of heated debate and two failed votes, four council members pushed the deal through by changing the voting rules for the redevelopment agency. By cutting the number of votes needed from five to four, the same council members passed the deal with Honda Santa Ana for the city to buy the leasehold on an adjacent site that previously belonged to the Mr. J's topless bar."

Simon ... "The Honda deal faced opposition from council members Claudia Alvarez and Lisa Bist, who questioned the price tag for the leasehold, which Honda bought from Mr. J's for less last year. They also challenged the decision to change the voting rules for the redevelopment agency, which is made up of council members. I am not even going to question the ethics of this. It is so obviously unethical," Bist said.

PUES ... changing the voting structure by public agencies to get their agendas through is a BAD TRIPP ... simon ... for years ... even today ... Califas Transportation Commissions (CTC) including OCTA, RCTC, SANBAG, MTA and VCTC tried to get local voting reglas changed tambien ... as these agencies battled and organized their campaigns through public outreach and education efforts to renew thier 1/2 cent sales tax for transportation projects, these gente pushed legislation BIG TIME to change voting reglas ... current law dice que the 1/2 cent sales tax measures (including OCTA's Measure M) must be appoved by 2/3 of registered county voters ... CTC's wanted to get this changed to a simple majority ... this simple majority legislaiton was shot down because a 2/3 vote would make the mocoso CTC's work harder and be held somewhat accountable for their pinche linen table cloth mundo ...

AND now sanTana changes its local redevelopment voting rules ... does Califas redevelopment law allow this ... sure it does ... Califas RED LAW ensures the continuous development and jackal-like strengthening of these agencies ... ESES ... ESAS ... SIR ... MADAM ... ESTUPIDOS ... TRANSFER THE REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY OVER TO NOSOTROS ... the transfer is legal ... we'll redistribute its power ... that's legal to ... WE'LL REDEVELOP REDEVELOPMENT ... we'll restructure ... aqui ... well rename it the MINNIE APT REDEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY POR VIDA ... all legal ... y-que ...

AND NOW ... there's a promise to bring on a class action suit against sanTana ... why favor Honda ... BUSTED ... but we tax payers will foot the bill ... hey ... throw in a couple round trip tickets to France ... chingow ... might as well get a TRIPP out of it ... and throw in a new menudo pot por mi ama ...

THEN sanTana gabachos get JIGGY ... there's a NATIVO LOPEZ TYPE THREAT to sanTana Mayor MIGUEL PULIDO ... simon ... in today's Letters to the Register ... sanTana Chamber of Commerce vato Rick Ferguson writes Definition of 'blight' may come back to bit Pulido ... in the culo, right Rick ... Dick ... tiki tavee ...

Ferguson writes, It seems that Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido's personal agenda took priority over ethical behavior at the last Santa Ana City Council meeting ["Honda dealer's lease pushed through," Local, Jan. 18].

After two failed previous votes to approve the redevelopment of the former Mr. J's strip-club property, the City Council, led by Mayor Pulido, changed the voting rules of the redevelopment agency.

The city redevelopment agency, which is controlled by the City Council, decided to reduce the number of votes required for approval from five to four to buy the leasehold on the strip-club property. How convenient.

Kudos to council members Lisa Bist and Claudia Alvarez for their position on the "redevelopment" of the former strip-club property. And kudos to Bist for publicly saying that the rules change was "obviously unethical."

If the class-action lawsuit dust settles and the city of Santa Ana and the Honda dealership are found guilty of collusion, who will foot the bill? The taxpaying citizens and businesses of Santa Ana will.

Mayor Pulido says that he "considered Mr. J's a blight." Well, Mayor Pulido, when Santa Ana's next mayor takes the City Hall reins, you'd better hope that he or she doesn't consider grimy muffler shops a blight to the city

NEXT MAYOR ... quien es el or ella ... and GRIMY MUFFLER SHOP ... PINCHE OUCH!!! ... that's true ... a Dodge truck's been parked out front since DA BC ... and Pulido, DA MAYOR ... pues ... he might be looking in the mirror the next few days ... asking ... "Ferguson ... you talkin to me ... you talkin to me ..." ...


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