Monday, January 23, 2006

Drinking & Writing ... Esta Legal ... (listening to Golden Years)

LAist has trippy interviews … these spills always focus on happy-go-lucky communications type gente … tu sabes … writers … bloggers … PRs … ETCETERA … one pregunta the blogista always throw in is … Drinking, driving. They mix poorly, and yet they're inexorably linked. How do you handle this conflict?

Here are responses from those communications typos … tu sabes … LOS WRITERS-TO-THE-MAX …

I drink early on, then gradually sober up as the night moves along … Janet Fitch

Simple: I don't drink. … Paul Zaloom

I’m never the designated driver and know the curb in front of the HMS Bounty very well. There are better drinkers in this world but I drink easily knowing I can always get a lift from a friend should I need one. By the way, the drive-thru daiquiri bars in New Orleans are awesome! … Eric Lynxwiler

I always tried to be the designated driver back in college, although that tends to backfire when someone tosses their cookies in your car. … Karie Bible

Hand the keys off to the nearest water drinker. … Kiino Villand

It’s a conflict? … Gustavo Arellano

Don’t do it. … Kitty McNamee

Ask me when my insurance rates come back down to earth. … Jim Ruland

Cozy up to my designated driver. … Lisa Teasley

I don’t drink so there ain’t no issue with me. … Daniel Olivas

Very poorly. … Jade Chang

I have people over to my house. … Lisa Napoli

LA Taxi. 310.412.8000. Okay, that’s a lie. I’ve only taken a taxi to or from the airport. In truth, I’m too much of a control freak to get drunk in public, so drinking and driving has never really been an issue. … Tamara Gregory

Well, lets just put it this way; we've all found a different agent of intoxication. Have you ever tried a marijuana cigarette? We do a lot of walking, anyway... everything is so close, if you think about it, from the Haunted House near Hollywood & Vine, all the way West to the Cock 'n' Bull Restaurant on the Strip. Fairfax is right in the middle of that... it's all walking distance. … Domenic Priore

People should do their drinking before they drive, not during. … Johnathon Zheltov

I drive a Volvo, slow and underpowered. I figure if I’m going to do it, I should drive as slow as I can in a car that’s built like a tank. … Craig Havens

I handle it in the worst way, by taking it on the case-by-case. But the last person who should be making decisions about whether or not to drive is a drunk person. I think personal breathalyzers could help. Every person who gets a drivers license should be given a breathalyzer key chain. Even better, how about this ( … Gabrielle Middaugh Pascoe

It’s a yellow – sometimes green – vehicle with four tires and a Middle Eastern man behind the wheel. I think they call it a taxi cab. … Rodger Jacobs

I just say no to drinking unless it's an emergency. And I say no to driving whenever I can avoid it. … Joy Nicholson

It’s tough… but so far so good. … Lorcan O’Herlily

Drinking and bike riding is my solution. If I fuck up at least I can’t really hurt anybody but me. … Mark ‘The Cobrasnake’ Hunter

I really don't like alcohol that much. It is a depressant and I don't need any help in that department. … John Chase

I don’t feel that they’re inexorably linked. It’s a personal decision that people make. Having had my school located next door to a popular bar for 6 years gave me a window into this behavior. Drinking is not breathing. It’s not something that an individual absolutely has to do. You may need to drive in LA, but you don’t need to drink. … Charles Zembillas

My liver can not tolerate more than two alcoholic beverages at any given time so drinking and driving is usually not a problem for me. I do believe in capital punishment for a second DUI violation, however; none of this three strikes bullshit. … Seth Greenland

17 years without a drink. I am an ever-designated driver. … Michelle Huneven

By taking out the beverage holders in my car, thus reducing the temptation of storing open beer cans in them. … Mark Lisanti

Oh, dear. When I was single this was more of a problem. Now my boyfriend and I make deals about who gets to drink. If I have to go hang out with his friends, I get to drink, and vice versa. There are also some bars within stumbling distance from my home. The margaritas at El Conquisador are really quite tasty. … Lauren Tuekolsky

I am an occasional drinker but mostly at home. If I take the bus or train somewhere then I may indulge. … Angle Orozco

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