Friday, December 02, 2005

Peeping-Voter-Caller ... (listening to Carouselambra)

Pues ... a day or two ago, I mentioned que the Califas Democ Partido requested what could be letter sex ... simon, dems want us publico to log onto their website and tell why we, tortilla gente, like being califas dems ... this will help them form a 2006 chili verde platform ... with all the pinche heartburn ... ahora, to thank us for logging on ... the OC dems are providing us with the opportunity to engage in phone sex with other democratic voters aqui en Naranjaville ... simon ... pinche OC dems ...

I just rec'd the OC Democratic Weekly from Joel H. Goodman ... there's smack about voting for hung-over looking Steve Young for the 48th Congressional District on the Dec 6 election ... not in my barrio ... then there's a weird yet K-Mart innovated invitation ... it reads "Join the “virtual” phonebank for Steve Young: It’s you and your computer from the comfort of your home. Call (949) 640-4400 for a password, go on line and download and print your phone script. You will be given a group of names and phone numbers to call. When you make a live contact, you can log responses directly into your computer. This activity is a great way for people anywhere in the country to help Steve."

Pinche GREAT IDEA FOR CALZONE WHIFFERS ... gracias, innovative OC Dems ... just what we need ... some perverted politico junkie like Ted Bundy with one sticky hand on the phone ... calling and thanking you for personal voter info ... bet they'll even wack off as the phone rings ... c'mon Goodman ...


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