Friday, December 02, 2005

After Lunch Reads ... For The Hip y Alienated or Overproductive (listening to Bring It On Home To Me)

OC Weekly's Nich Schou tells us about Mr. J's infamous drink ... sex, drugs, cops and young chicks, dead not stirred ... Village Voice provides a book review on my favorite aritista, the firme y mysterioso Sam Cooke ... then, ever wonder about that dull cold-page Craigslist site ... seems innocent and even fun at times, que no ... here's some chisme on this cut-throat site ... then ... ever wonder why WE rest red ornaments and lay glittered rope on top of our coffee tables during the holidays, pues ... Ask a Mexican!, menso ... and if you need more to pinche leer ... pues it's time to split the shopfloor ...


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