Tuesday, November 15, 2005

New Website for sanTana ... I think ... (listening to Roy Orbison)

The golden city finally replaced it's feito website with an unfinished one ... simon .... there are many links to nowhere and many pages seem bare ... at first glance, you'd never guess it was the center of gov en Naranjaville ... nor would you ever guess that it has a pinche huge latino population ... the a-pinche-gain, you'd never guess it's the hardest place to live in the pinche universe, according to some ... the home page mentions "the construction of luxury housing for turn-of-the-century OC movers and shakers ..." and that's about it ... there's also a lame Artist Village Foundation link that leads to an blaaahh page with a different title ... I hope it's still in the pinche works ... also ... committee info is missing ... and I can't believe they have a link (it's broken) on how to have speed bumps installed in your pinche street ... do they even do that for the common gente ... are they even aware of the pinche traffic that zooms through Halladay between McFadden and First ... not a day goes by that at least 10 - 20 kids are nearly ran over on that calle ... I would check the traffic count but the link is also broken ... rumor is that the fire depts say chale to speed bumps as slowing down cramps their response time ... OK ...


At 5:05 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pinche website pela!


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