Friday, November 25, 2005

Fuchi!!! ... (listening to The Song Remains The Same)

Pues ... here they come ... the pinche fuchi cocono awards ... personally ... turkey is so-pinche-so ... the best thing about this pinche puta pajara dia es cruising over to Benihana's for some sake, cerveza y comida ... pinche gente con sus pinche chinga holidays ... but anyways homies ...

El Roger Salazar from the CA Democratic Majority provides el gavado gov with a pinche turkey award ... with special recognition as the Man Without A Plan ... "Anybody who has been paying attention knows that the SS Schwarzenegger is a rudderless ship. The Governor has no plan to deal with education; no plan to deal with healthcare; and the plan to deal with infrastructure consists of nothing more than trial balloons. In any event, the Administration’s continual flaunting of the law, as though it doesn’t apply to them, continues to amaze Capitol observers."

Tambien ... La Bloga's Manuel Ramos stuffs pinche Time Magazine as Cocono of the Year for not including any Latino/a writers in its list of 100 best pinche English-language-sister-kissing novels ...


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