Wednesday, November 16, 2005

But your business is ah -- a little freaky ... (listening to Billy Cobham)

There's that pinche cliche ... "It -- makes -- it doesn't make any difference to me what a man does for a living, understand ..." and chingow if it ever pinche applied to anyone, it must be these gente who do what it takes to make ends meet and have desires fulfilled ....

Emma sends this clip ... about an IT Gigolo, Ray Digerati ... this vato repairs pc's ... having trouble connecting to the internet or have spyware preguntas or maybe you're just pinche horny ... call this vato, if you must ... his price ... sex ... simon, repairs for sex ... he even posted on Craigslist ... WILL FIX COMPUTERS FOR SEXUAL FAVORS ... and says "I've had an overwhelming number of responses" ... hey, wonder what his county payscale is ... pinche orgy o que ...

This also reminded me of another creative persona keeping business admin cost down to the max ... simon ... this vata Lisa Beebe at noticed a Mary Kay cosmetics peddler making sales to passengers on the MTA's 152 bus. When Beebe got on again two hours later to go home, the Mary Kaw woman was still working it. She blogs: "Is it possible she stays on the bus all day, and treats it like her portable store? It seems like a pretty good deal, if that's the case -- she pays $1.25 to work from a sunny, air-conditioned location where she has a constant stream of potential customers...Now that I think about it, I'm surprised the buses aren't full of traveling salespeople."


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