Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Brenda Salas Could Have Been A Pachuca Star ... (listening to De La Soul)

Pues ... here it is ... when I heard there was a very young Latina in redneck 909 who had won her council election in the little pueblo of Banning ... pues ... I tripped out ... simon ... a no-name wins in 909 ... I met her then pense que at last maybe Riverside was producing a new wave de Latinos in that barrio which is Republicano hasta las chanklas ... simon ... I thought the Indian casino cosa had shaken some Dem blood and had awaken some barrio voter gente ... porque tu sabes que the 909 is the new Republicano playground where the pres, el gavado gov et al go to raise golden fidea ... the town is led downtown by gente like 909 Board of Supervisor John Tavaglione and his developing familia and Mission Inn owner Duane Roberts and the union breaking law firm of Best Best y Krieger plus former asseblyman Rod Pacheco ... then there's Ken Calvert and Sen. Dennis Hollingsworth ... and Rep. Mary Bono y La Bonnie Garcia in da desert ... and many other red electeds y beauracraticos ...

Then came along a stranger, La Brenda Salas from Banning with her brown hair y golden highlights and pinche innocense ... she worked for Assemblyman Joe Baca Sr. ... dated now Assemblyman Joe Jr ... had a bad break-up, dicen ellos ... and even volunteered for the U.S. Sen. Barbara Boxer campaign ... she caught the attention of the local press and voters ... new blood ... she quickly became mayor pro-tem ... and was on everyone's lunch list ... she was even a member of the Hollywood's Screen Actor's Guild ... taught Sunday escuelita at the local misa ... she was a smalltown Democratic y-que ... the last time I spoke con ella she said she had just been appointed to the Board of Directors for the Riverside Transit Agency ... entonces ... something happened ... as one blogger puts it "one day she was no longer the mayor pro-tem, just another councilman ... she lost the support of her own council and will be unable to consolidate support .. she was a Democrat until November 2003, when after firing a popular city manager for political reasons, the Democratic women's club turned their backs on her. In order to get re-elected to her council seat as well as pursue higher office, she decided to become a Republican. Not someone who shares my values."

Now she's running for the Assembly District seat 65 ... and she's raised more money that Hemet Councilwoman and long-time 909 Mid-County homegirl Robin Lowe ... OK ... not bad ... considering Eric Haley, Exec Director of the River$ide County Tran$portation Commi$$ion and their gente love da Robin to the pinche max ... in 909, that's big-time pinche support ... Salas even held a $600 per persona fundraiser at the chingona Missin Inn ... PLUS she's proven a pinche sucessful fundraiser for her current jefito, 909 Board of Supervisor Marion Ashley .... she appears to be all that and a pinche bag of chicharones ...

But the truth is, Salas remains a pinche mystery ... people might like her ... but do they trust her ... do they respect her ... and most importantly, will they voter for her ... quien sabe ... but the other cosa es she really could have been a pachuca star ... simon ... there were plans for her to wear make-up, racoon stila, to council meetings ... her ropa was to include brown dickie khakis and her black X sandals ... simon, even pinche brown or black earth soles ... and she was to wear un pinche white spaghetti blusa that said Hot Stuff in gold or silver lettering ... her pinche wordrobe even included a gray fedora with a black ribbon and purple feather ... and her memos were to be written en authentic pachuca slang signed Brenda Salas de Barrio Banning x 13 y-que ... then there was the photo opp con Boxer and DiFi with Salas in the pinche middle with that pinche X shake that appears in barrio pics ... CHINGOW!!!


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