Friday, November 18, 2005

After Lunch Reads ... (listening to Tales of Brave Ulysses)

Pues ... for after lunch or next week as el jefe sends you to a pinche zzzz seminar on team building, group think or oppressing for da hell of it ... sign in, put your pinche coat on a seat and head over to the nearest chop house ... order a pinche martini and read Deadline Hollywood by LA Weekly's Nikki Finke ... it's an awesome but pinche creepy tale about how Hollywood Mogul Michael Ovitz used eery entertainment people skills to beat the hell out of the art collecting mundo ...

Then ... there's finally a pinche SOLUTION for anyone whose loco about solving IMMIGRATION aqui en Califas etcetera ... simon ... contract out migra jobs to MPAA agents ... seems the gente at the Motion Pictures Association of America are spinning their Crager rims like pinche loco in Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America, Mexico and the US to stop the piracy of motion pictures y-que ... and it seems the MPAA's massive crackdown on this booming black economia is the only news it releases ... pues ... a MPAA crackdown en sanTana would mean a pinche loss of about 40 or so jobs and loss of unreported personal income of about $2 million ... o creen mas ...


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