Monday, October 24, 2005

Peoms from El Clamor Publico

More on eighteen-year-old journalist and literary beacon Francisco P. Ramírez... USC Annenberg School of Communication has posted papers and resources to be presentd this Friday at the El Clamor Publico conference ...

Historian Rodolfo Acuna, who will speak at the conference, writes that El Clamor did more than report lynchings, land frauds, vigilante terror, racial profiling, and legal injustices targeted at the Spanish-language communities ... according to Acuna, "The most lasting contribution of El Clamor was the bright light it shed on early Los Angeles society, particularly in the literary field. Ramírez in association with Spanish-language newspapers throughout the 19th century was a literary beacon. Here were people deemed not worthy of equality that produced literature and had a knowledge of Latin America in excess of their Euroamerican neighbors. The Clamor gave a voice to intellectuals such as José Elías González, a poet. .

Tu cabellera es de oro;
Tu talle esbelto, ligero;
Eres mi bien, mi tesoro,
El ídolo que venero.

Your long hair is golden,
your figure well-shaped, lithe;
you are my love, my treasure,
the idol I venerate."


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