Thursday, October 06, 2005

Pachuco utility and shit (listening to Wings)

Eses ... pinche Angels pulled it off against danzin Jeter and the boyz ... now their off to NY to chingar mas ... creen que Vladdy et al will party with NY Dominican gente ... hear it's pinche loco ... did you homies see Artie, Arnie and guest in the box ... seems like there was nada de hablar between the govs ... they weren't talking por nada ... as a matter of fact Moreno was looking one pinche way and el gov anoder ... ondale ... THEN Tejas (never a pinche) Ranger gente hire 28 year old Jon Daniels as Gen Manager ... 28 ... chingow ... the vato to watch cuz he's pinche spinning beisball economicas ... even mas chingada to me was yesterday's postings aqui on (Recycled) Cholo Knows ... gracias homies for SEX lengua and shit ... there were 56 posts and another 58 emails directly to me ... sorry if I don't get back to you, gracias for the nalga pics ... plus another 50 new pinche unique readers logged on aqui ... firme! ... but my pinche pachuco utility for este pinche cochinada de blog comes from just wanting to do it and not having to meet any pinche mainstream bottomline reorganization cock governed by-law bastard policy-sucking marketing whore accounting cunt HR mirf stain corp bukakke union piss management die fuck-face evaluation walkout now spreadsheet chet nonsense INC. cosa ... it's cool just to do este ...

Pues sabes que ... la otra dia ... I got a pinche tour of Steady Clothing aqui en sanTana ... it's a compania owned by some young dudes and the chopfloor is as you'd pinche imagine ... hip ... groovy muebles ... gente y gorda model prepping for a shoot ... raza in the back pinche packing ... y ropa to the max ... their men's shirts are a cross between what Kramer and Tony Soprano would wear ... or what a sanTana boy sent to colegio by eme should wear ... they've done shirts for alot of pinche rockers include Sir Paul McCartney ... simon, they did a pinche Beatle ... then they have weird wear como guayaveras with La Virgin Mary or a rosary on back ... lots of 50's tatto looking designs on camisas for babies, chicks y nosotros ... STEADY ... deben hire Abitu ... the former and official Los Aces de Delhi tattooist vato turned hitman ...


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