Tuesday, September 06, 2005

SanTana Homegirl Helps Katrina Victims Settle in TX

A few years ago, there was a red Mazda RX-7 that cruised the streets de sanTana ... it caught everyone's eye because the driver was this Chicanita, La Barbie ... simon, this beautiful young lady blew the streets in her carucha ... what's up B .... "NADDA" was her pocha response .... while at UCI, La Barbie was a hard-working mujer ... she now resides in San Antonio, TX, married with one kid and teaches ... yesterday, she emailed me ... seems La Barbie took her heart to TX and spent a day helping Katrina survivors as they arrived in Kelly, TX ... here's her account ...

"hi ya'll,
hope you're doing great. i was just thinking about the victim's of katrina...they've been on my mind a lot lately....just wanted to share a story with ya'll.....many of the victims of katrina have been bused here locally to kelly usa (used to be a airforce base but it was shut down a few years ago) ....on saturday i went to volunteer...my assignment was to process the people who just arrived in the bus....these were people who were at the superdome in new orleans...once they arrived at kelly usa they had to wait outside in this long line, once they were in the building the cops checked them and their bags to make sure that they didn't have any weapons...next they went to one of the processors (me)...i processed one family at a time...had to write down the names of the members of the family, including any missing, refer them to medical if they needed to be seen by a doctor - which most of them did ...from me they went to another line where they were assigned a bed in the shelter...given supplies to shower and they were fed.....i felt bad for these people because they hadn't eaten in days and they smelled really bad...anyhow one family really touched my heart.....there was a young mom with 7 kids - the oldest was 10 - the youngest was 2...the mom was so so sad & she kept crying because 2 of her sisters along with her mom just vanished...out of all the kids only 2 were hers and the others belonged to her sisters who disappeared...basically her son (9 yrs) old had taken over as parent - he kept them all together...i don't think the other kids realized their moms were missing because they seemed to be okay...the 10 yr old girl however was just so quiet - think she was in shock...she was just holding the baby...another processor and i stayed there w/ the kids while the mom went to get her shelter assignment since there was so many kids ...meanwhile the little boy started telling us about the astrodome in houston...he said they really hadn't slept since monday because each time a bus came to get people everyone was just bumrushing the bus trying to get on so you had to be awake...he also said they were scared because you could here gun shots at night and 2 little girls were raped there - when he said this one of the little girls said what's raped & he told her to be quiet ...he was like the dad....he also put his shoe up on the desk and showed us how wet his socks and shoes were.......another family i just thought of was a group of 4 elderly people...i don't know how they managed to get on the bus to get here because they were so weak and they could barely walk & one of them was blind - after i took down their info they asked if i could bring them some food becuz they were just too tired...so i went to go get them 4 plates - as i was getting them situated to eat i saw that the old man had #2 all over the back of his shorts - i don't think he realized it & it looked like it was there for a few days because it was all hard and crusty -- i felt so bad.....there was so many people there i couldn't believe it...they were all so so sad....just broke my heart........i'm thinking about going again to volunteer during the week but i'm not sure my skin is thick enough to put up with more....we'll see......... made me think my problems are nothing compared to what these people are going through....


Pues Barb, keep us homies posted ... y gracias ...


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