Thursday, September 29, 2005

Mas y nomas ... (listening to Spiral Staircase)

Nomas aqui .... y tu que ese! ... claims sanTana Mayor Miguel Pulido is Filipino ... didn't know that ese ... at the Universidad de Califas ... Riverside's economia profesor y dean David Fairris hace un Labor Studies chante ... check out the internships ... now that's politica economia ... tambien at Irvine ... gang injunctions such as curfew are studied ... trabajan? ... Irvine says maybe but LA's City Abogado Rocky Delgadillo dice SIMON because barrios "are powerful" ... en Fullerton, Chicano Studies profesor Robert Castro is awarded a Post-Doctoral Associate Fellowship from Yale University ... Castro will focus on the government’s attitudes toward Indian enslavement. Did they believe this servitude was the same as black slavery? If so, did they attempt to create parallel enforcement programs to abolish the Indian-mestizo slave trade? If not, why not? ... now that's cool ese ... back to sanTana unified school districto ... as of Aug 15, 2005, the district has press releases in ingles y espanol ... is this a forever cosa ... Indian casino coming to the Great Rally Park ... Former Sup Cynthia Coad is in DC praying for one ... is she for real or does she just like nuestra bolsa .... then there's LA Public Works Commissioner y Villaraigosa Comadre, la bonita Cynthia Ruiz talking to the Metro Investment Report re: the ins and outs as a Chicana politica and administrator ... ondale !!


At 9:58 AM, Anonymous Gustavo Arellano said...

Ah, no mames: los pinche A's pelan! Go Cachorros de Chicago, 98 years removed from their last World Series victory!

At 12:34 PM, Blogger Barrio Marlon Brando said...

los A's que, que, que ... may Miguel Mouse provide The Mexican con Pringle's pinche season ticket ...


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