Sunday, September 25, 2005

Exactly building que? (listening to the Stones)

Economist and bureaucrats say economic development ... political economist say development economics ... El Centro says cultura but first says good bye ... between trips to Mexico, the group's website was updated ... they're out of Main Street and are looking for a site ... hopefully this blown tire won't distract those aboard and these gente will walk into a new clean house soon ... good luck eses ... your economy is in Anaheim's tourist marketa ...

Back to economic development ... Greg Rodriguez writes in today's LA Times that Latinos are rebuilding NOLA and that we can easily become the new majority there after the dust settles ... simon, in the meantime, the Feds have relaxed all immigration rules for illegal gente who are willing to lend the fruits of their carpentry skills to rebuild NOLA ... eses, we can build but we just can't stay permanently dice W ... would be interesting to see Nat'l Council of La Raza et al construct some local policy changes there that'll accommodate the new residents ...


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