Saturday, August 20, 2005

Transportation Bill sigue .... (listening to James Brown)

Inland lawmakers, including Eric Haley, Executive Director of the Riverside County Transportation Commission, are hoping for a trailer or correction bill to alter the transportation bill when Congress returns from its summer recess next month. How about OCTA ... are these gente still burning the midnight transportation oil on the trailer bill or is Haley just another way to spell Leahy?

Hablando de calles ... what's going on on Standard Ave. which stretches a good 2-3 miles between 1st and Warner. This is a pinche pot whole "hot spot" especially from Bishop up to Edinger ... and when it rains, you feel like you were washed away to pinche Mars because the paving just disappears, holes widen and rocks just surface like nothing I've seen before - weird! .... this is a chinga hazard considering the large raza population occupying the delightful Bishop/Edinger stretch ... tienes the cuete heavan Minnie Apts, Bishop Manor, Madison School and Park plus the St. Bros shopping center and of course all the mechanics at the auto parts tienda next to 7-11. Mon - Weds, from 2p-6p the Bishop/Edinger stretch is chaotic and there's no such thing as pinche transportation planning ... Thurs - Sat all day the entire area is a colorful tail gate party ... Sunday is pan de dulce, menudo y dios ... what trips me out of all this are those amas on the corners during hell hours ... simon, they use their strollers like a pinche blind stick ... you've seen them eses or maybe even came pinche inches to hitting one, when these amas are ready to cross the calle, the first thing to hit the steet are strollers ... its crazy ... hey, hard up for cash makes you loco and prioritize como menso ... second thing that trips me out are those vatos in black shades and black guayaveras hanging out at Los Panchos Restaurant next to St. Bros ... hey, killer carnitas y cafe here but these SS vatos in black make certain some orders are to go!

Eses, it's a firme day and all my vecinos are having fiestas de cumpleanos ... simon, nadien cocina por los fiestas any more, compren comida china or tienen cold cuts .... pero some things never change ese, toda via hay potato salad .... ondale homies, your gin and tonic sanTana style - con naranja guey - ya esta lista ....Later


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