Sunday, August 14, 2005

Pueblo Geno Project (listening to Incognito)

Hey gente, what's all this cloning noticias going around. Simon, to duplicate a pinche chivo, pero, gato, firme hina, etc, etc, etc to the max involves pinche scientific research, fidea to the max and all that pinche geno project cochinada debating that the Feds and private locos are always chingando over .... bio major ... hay tu!

Hey eses, I'm not sure why the gringos and judios feel their onto something new. Chale! We've been in the cloning negocios for pinche centuries ... simon, I believe it started with La Malinche (Cortes' interpreter and rag) and since then, it's just been the same pinche madness with traiter symptons con nombres like Linda Chavez from the "Center for Equal Opportunity even for mensos with nopals on their foreheads"... but we never published, patented or sold our secretos .... chale .....

Uummm pues, it's happened otra vez pero en sanTana ... simon, our geno gente delivered with another bad cagow and named it Lupe Moreno . Pues, who is this lop, Moreno? Pues this pueblo geno project cagow struggled through pinche wab rehab and is now part of that anti-raza moviento ... projecto minutemenquehacencarascomolupemoreno. Simon eses, this mensa is from Mexico but as a mocosa nina, pueblo geno's papa snuck his familia over a estados unidos ... y yo creer for a better life, que no? Or maybe they were all trying to get away from pueblo geno (hey, that qualifies for a better life, que no?) but it tagged along ... anyways homes, now pueblo geno's aqui in the golden city, was married for 26 years to this one vato y tenia ninos. Y sabes que ... check this out raza ... simon, pueblo geno tiro su marriage de 26 anos out the pinche french doors for the anti-raza cause, according to the LA Times ... simon, pueblo geno's husband said "chale y adios to your weird cause and amigos" because geno became a pinche fanatica over that lost cause .... y ahora it seems geno's ninos are about to say the same .... what a burn mensa!

Hey, I'm not sure who the loco barrio scientists are who control the movidas at the raza pueblo geno project ... pero sabes que .. their pinche sense of fucked up humor ain't funny eses especially with results like Lupe Moreno and Linda Chavez ... Loco barrio scientist ... whoever you are .... escuchen eses ... give us height, give us the cure to quickly distinguish sh and ch, give us more MD's and judges, more lobbyist and more lobbyist, give us more gold fillings, you can even bring back Canada shoes, carnal! But whatever the hell you do, stop cloning La Malinche and sending estes cagows como Lupe Moreno into our barrios .... this pueblo geno's a sad joke and is raining on some poor nina's quinceniera! Simon, change your pueblo recipe de 1 part cochina, 1 part pera, 2 part buro, 2 parts snake and 4 parts La Malinche ... ese, throw in some firme activa nalga: Cindy Montanez, Maria E Durazo, Roybal, Sarmiento, Escutia, Huerta Tenayuca, etc, etc, etc, and if you want to throw in un poco Sharon Jones esta bien ...

Pues, I'm hoping Lupe Morenos is a pinche bad dream and just a screwed up episode of Get Smart where Jaime dates a latina.

Later homies and remember, the (Recycled) Cholo Knows!


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