Thursday, August 18, 2005

One Pinche, Two Pinche, Three Pinche Casinos

La City Beat reports that Native American gaming interests are gaining ground to create gambling sites in urban areas far from any reservation.

Indian tribes have given fidea to UCLA Law School to assist develop a system of governance, address public policy issues including education ... Cal State San Bernadoo also developed a Native American Gaming within its Pubic Administration program, etc, etc, etc ... Indian tribes also have their cosas in with transportation commissions, adoption and depency communities, etc, etc, etc .... hey gente, what's the beef... mira, pinche gabaches fregan que Mexican illegals are too dependent on the US and thus are coming over to fregar and be free riders, etc, etc, etc, ... pues you know the arguement ... y ahora, Native American are developing their nations to exercise their sovereign rights and have hit the pincho lotto with their gaming skills ... y que paso? mas chinge, chinge, chinge from the publico ... hey eses, no one will satisfy no one so screw it, let's move ahead and build those chingas de negocios and develop nuestras marketas ...

Hey eses, these vatos will knock on Anaheim's door until they're invited in ... they just have tons of cash and know how to gastar ...

LA City Beat reports "According to the Institute of Governmental Studies, University of California, Berkeley, “Gaming has become so lucrative, that hundreds of Native Americans are petitioning the Bureau of Indian Affairs for recognition of new California tribes in order to buy land and build casinos.” (The study also reveals that Indian gaming generates revenues of $5.1 billion per year, and that the tribes have become the largest contributor to California political campaigns.) ."


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