Thursday, August 11, 2005

Onda Callejera

Que Tal gente, chingow homies, cuando va parar? Seems like nunca, que no? I mean, I see it when I open my front door, when I drive to Oswaldo's Flan para cafe y pan, en cada ciudad and even last year when I drove hasta AZ with my homies, eehhoo, it was a pinche fat powder linea two states long ... it has the gente confused and it's going to get worse but we deserve it! Simon ... the ciudades are paving new calles y estan haciendo freeways suaves ... y sabes porque ... pues not because all the Americanos are taking up space or there's more and more Chinos aqui - esta bien .... chale, the calles are being poured because of nosotros ese, simon, were a pinche raza bunch ... aka the pinche population boom ... there's never enough of us but for now homes, there's so many that our bouncy nalgas our sticking out of our population shorts and our patas look like pinche raised baked break in our population chanklas ... and that Chicano Power patch on my crouch is hanging on its last thread and is bouncing como loco in this pinche heat - orale!

Hey homes, talk about a two pinche tier system .... I think they build the calles por nosotros and the pinche freeways por los Americanos, tu sabes, ese gente que huele como chee ... simon, we need the calles to cruise and listen to musica, simon, calles are to do it low and slow como nosotros... Then there's the pinche freeways that allow the gringos to escape us como moscas, tu sabes pass by the golden ciudad in a blink .... get off, hit Disneyland, then get back on ...ummm ... pues their missing menudo at Las Casuelas on 1st, simon, it's fresh at 1am... but they do stick their pinche pink manos out to grab a dozen tamales for pinche $24. Simon, con los freeways, se creen mucho, like their in the pinche autobahn ...

So sabes que, I decided I'll convert los freeways a calles ... simon, I'm gonna cruise the pinche freeways ... simon, why not.... oohh, sabes que, I think that gente already cruise the freeways pero it's called pinche gridlock! Pinche gringos .... gridlock ... they're cruising the freeways mensos. Hey, esta bien ... sabes porque ... check this out ...sanTana just rec'd $37.5 million por calles from OCTA, the most fidea any city in Barrio OC trese rec'd, simon, we beat chocante Laguna, New Port, Anaheim, Costa Mesa, etc, etc, etc ... so the paving, como la lucha, va continuar! Why so much cash .. . fue Pulido, sanTana's mayor. Simon, that vatos putting on the movidas and is grabbing OC's penocha to the max ... check this out, mira, there are a pinche mano full of special groups that elected gente want to be part of ... OCTA is one of them because OCTA has the pinche bucks up tu hermana's limpio culo and they say when and where the calles and freeways go ... and everything else follows ...casas, escuelitas, hinas ... Pulido is part of OCTA... the other gig to be in is that pinche Great Park cosa, tu sabes, they're doing algo with El Toro Base and no one's watching ... cruise by vatos, simon, you'll see gente walking around with suitcases and barrels of fidea ... stick out your brown dedo and grab some tail ... de veras ... Pulida esta aqui tambien ... and he's admired by the pinche players ... so I guess it's his turn to take the pinche loot and he's doing it and he decided to throw the loot on the calles ... ondale Pulido... firme movida ... con calles suaves we'll pachuco boogie mas rapido

Hey, nada mal con esa movida, pero sabes que, now that vato needs to gain the respecto de la gente ... I mean to gente it's just calles, they experience placa brutality, consumer fraud, escuelitas mal, ninos having ninos, etc, etc, etc, Hey Pulido, the calles will move goods and servicios mas rapido and will get raza to trabajar mas rapido tambien, but once we're indoors at work, school, home, entonces que? Ese, give us the fidea to make those calles con familias, calles con vecinos, calles de oportunidad ... let us decide how to gastar ese fidea tambien ... be green ese, be brown, be proud but most of all ese, be el politico mas chingon be Barrio OC trese and build a new way of doing business downtown y con la familia ... que no!

Hey homies, pues it's Original Mike's tonight, I like to kick it in the patio ... later and remember, the (Recycled) Cholo Knows!


At 9:38 AM, Anonymous The Mexican said...

You pinche SanTana Chicanos are retre-chistosos! But nosotros Anaheim Mexicans rifamos, broder! Congrats on the nuevo blog and proper use of SanTana--now tell those gabachos and pochos north of 17th que onda?!

At 8:28 PM, Blogger Barrio Marlon Brando said...

Q-vo y gracias ... pues como el chante de Mickey, we're still lighting cuetes ...


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