Sunday, August 21, 2005

OC Blog's Jewdometer

Well, OC Blog did it's tarea vez and this time to confirm OC's jewish population ... OC Blog was responding to CA-48, Steve Young, John Graham and others who advocate moving the 48th CD special election primary argue that the failure to do so places an extreme hardship on the 100,000 Jewish voters who live in the 48th CD. OC Blog's search shows that there are 60,000 - 90,000 judios in OC but that about 15% attend synagogues .... while these stats maybe true, their tarea is a trip ... OC Blog further states that "... it stands to reason it is only that 15% of Orange County Jews who attend synagogues who would feel constrained from voting on Rosh Hashanah for religious reasons. That's 15,000 people -- of which we don't know how many are registered voters, live in the 48th District, or both."

Surprise, surprise, Dems are making a pinche chinga of el gavado gov holding the special election for the 48th district on the first day of Rosh Hashanah .... but the numbers from Dems, CA-48 and OC Blog are way besides the pinche point ... hey, the special election date is coming from the Gov whose papa, Gustav Schwarzenegger, was a Nazi, and well it just sends a horrible message to the Jewish community ... it sounds personal and not like business ....


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