Saturday, August 20, 2005

El Gavado Gov ... macho o menso

One of my blogs favorito Mayor Sam's Sister City - LA politicos - with the latest chisme on el gavado gov and some "straight guy" gifts offensive to some gente that he did not return ... he rec'd a shirt that says "We suck suds not puds" .... eehhoo, pues OK, me tambien, but I don't plaster it on my camisas .... is this vato homophobic or nomas tiene un sense of humor on the edge .... so far this "suds puds" blog has over 100 comments and growing .... harassment, girlie man, conflicts of interest, offensive gifts ... what's next? ....

Mayor Sam takes it away ... "Something has come across my desk that is really interesting. It actually created more questions than solves and has me scratching my head asking "what the hell was he thinking?"It involves our Governor."


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