Friday, August 19, 2005

El Cricket y El Charlie pounding away .... (listening to The Band)

CA Assembly Speaker Fabian Nunez D-Los Angeles (El Cricket) and New Mex Gov Bill Richardson (El Charlie) pounding away ... Richardson throws bait y mira que sale ... first big hit was AZ's gov and now Nunez ....

New Mexico drew national attention last week when its governor declared a state of emergency along the New Mex/Mex border, citing the lawlessness, drug smuggling and human trafficking along the border. The governor of Arizona did the same this week. And now Nunez called Thursday on Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to declare a state of emergency along California's border with Mexico, saying more federal patrols are needed. Nunez said California needs to pressure the federal government to stop drug running and illegal immigration. "The timing is good," he said. "The governors of Arizona and New Mexico have done this, and there's an opportunity for three states to have a joint effort in lobbying the federal government."

The timing is damn good to jump on the migra sound bite especially if you want a one way ticket to DC ... Richardson (El Charlie) quiere ser Presidente and so far AZ's gov and Nunez have his support ... it's very early but where would Nunez, Villairagosa (El Chulo) and maybe even Pulido sit in DC .... who else will follow or better yet who else is termed out! OK OC homies, are we staying or going on the migra sound-bite .... go for it, it's a smart move ...


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