Thursday, August 18, 2005

El Centro Cultural de México ... on the move

I just rec'd this email ....

Dear All,I'm sending out this email in hopes of gathering support for a well needed organization, El Centro Cultural de Mexico located on Main Street in North Santa Ana.

2100 N. MainSanta Ana, California 92707714-953-9305

The Centro is a very special alternative community space that has supported a wide variety of cultural and historical activities on a shoestring budget over the last ten years. Sadly other Chicano/Latino cultural spaces such as Self-Help Graphics have closed recently and still have not reopened. El Centro does not want to follow in their footsteps. Please assist us in continuing this legacy of cultural __expression and community resistance.

El Centro's landlord has given them and all the tenants (in the bldg) a 30 day notice. They have to vacate the building by September 15th, 2005. As you can imagine the devastation. They had expected more notice even to be in a new site around early 2006. El Centro's Board is meeting today with Steadfast (landlord) in hopes of extending their stay by a few more days but even this seems unlikely at this point.El Centro is actively seeking out both financial and in-kind support from its community partners and individuals as they look for a new location. Anyone with a connection to a building (large or small) that they could rent in SANTA ANA please contact:

Susan Luevano, ASAP (El Centro Cultural de México Executive Board (714) 809-2598)
They also need money....that's right, cold cash as they will have to pay first and last month's rent on a new building as well as insurance, phone and internet connection costs.

Despite their constant fundraising they are still barely keeping their heads above water. They would appreciate both individual or group donations.

Finally, they need folks that can help pack and move them. They start packing this Saturday at 9:00 am. Please join. Anyone with a big truck or van who is willing to help us in early September would be greatly appreciated.If you are interested in assisting in Fundraising, Building Search or Packing let Susan know or you can email me as well. These committees will meet on the next four Tuesdays at 6:40 pm at El Centro before the volunteer meetings at 7:00pm. Sinceramente,Susan LuévanoEl Centro Cultural de MéxicoExecutive Boardcell (714) 809-2598

This is bad news because the Centro is full of good gente and have a good thing going. Their sanTana's best ... artist, activist and are making a new chapter in city planning 101. If you've never been there check them out at

Let's all give them a hand ....


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