Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Barrio Redevelopment Trese (listening to Beck)

(Originally appeared in OC Craigslist, 8/09/05.)

Q-vo vatos, check this out ... here's the latest small business news from Hispanic Business magazine ... ya estuvo, grab your hina y vayase ... and don't let the puerta hit those sexy flan nalgas lleno de hickies ... simon, our familia negocios are given the patada over MNC ... pues multinational corps ese ...

No entiendo ... aver, Bush and our gavado gov, pues, they're squeezing the growing middle class (nosotros) by busting unions, swiping pensions, making education, housing y cosas asi more expensive and whatever's next ... then just weeks ago, the supreme court ruled that pinche local gov's can take away our casas and tierra to build their pinche muffler shops, cafe's or whatever their developer amigos dirty talk to them ... and now Hisp Bus is interviewing for "Fuckourthroat.com" Simon, Jesus Chavarria, Editor of este magazine said that big pinche companies are sqeezing small gente like a pinche whitehead and are forcing ama y apa tienditas to live in a pinche van down by the pinche river! He blames it on mergers and acquisitions .... hay tu ese, as if barrios unite - chale!

Hispanic Bukkake, sabes que, ya callanse los cincos! Ehho, after reading that fuck for a buck cuenta, I'm convinced that MNC Raza just ordered tinted glass for that pinche ceiling ... I just hope viejas like Linda Chavez, Condi Arroz or Luis Miguel aren't standivg over me when I look up .... puuchee!

Then Chavarrias pinche forecast was that as these small co's will chupar and evaporate in their own vavas, and "hopefully" new ones will replace them ...

Hey vatos, purro bedo, simon, it's stiff vatos like that who are pissed off because their pinche popsicle's only purpose is to melt ... me entiendes ...

Haven't you vatos heard, simon, there's a "innovation moviento" aqui in califas y sabes que ... es muy fifi!

Our pinche buying and selling genes are pinche obvious ... simon, the el otro dia, this vato bought $15 camisas a la Penny's and as I stood in line, told the rep "mira, I'll buy 3 por $30." He eventually got a discount because.... pues everyone and everything is negotiable ... que no?

Simon, even my old homie tries to bargain every pinche cosa whether it's from the pinche broke palatero selling cones or the suave metromocosa at Nordstroms selling calzones .... cuidado pinche vendors, cuidado, my homie likes it chavala butterfly style and es pinche macho! Simon, the "innovation moviento" es nosotros .. it's not entirely large production caca or slick engineered chorro .... chale ... our innovation moviento is keeping our middle class consumer fidea and habits alive, it's all the nice camisas, firme houseware and luxuries we work hard for and if cosas cost to much or get out of our reach, pues "innovatino moviento" kicks in and guess what vatos ... simon, we bring it in for less ... Porque, because we're the producers and owners of pinche production of this gig, entiendes ...simon, aqui en sanTana there alot of moviento every day ... en garages, salas, mesas and en los calles, with our raza welding, paving, sewing, sculping, sacando photos and filling in those pinche tienda gaps that only we understand and supply ... capitalize on our cultura, sounds like, but if we don't hug this movida con ojos verdes, then well be eating chiliquiles and frijoles quemados forever.

Ondale homies, El Presidente me llame.... later and remember, the (Recycled) Cholo Knows!


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