Monday, August 29, 2005

Answer: Power

Matt Szabo raises a pinche good issue homies: why weren't all freeway lanes used to evacuate residents escaping La Mala Hurricane Katrina in the South?

Dice Szabo, "One thing you probably noticed in the pictures and video this weekend was the line of gridlocked vehicles trying to evacuate on one side of the state or federal highways, while the other side of the highways remained completely empty. My question is: Why? Why didn’t the governors of these states order the highways to be reversed to accommodate the mass evacuation they ordered? I mean, there is nothing inherent to concrete that requires vehicles to pass over it in one direction. There is no reason, at all, for desperate Southerners to be stuck in traffic while trying to flee a disaster area."

It's a power trip Matt, simon, and it's been a power trip in our barrios since day uno ese. Simon, it comes in all forms. Yesterday it was in allowing gridlock to build as residents sat in their tears, sweat and piss while Southern Governors went on camera freshly showered to answer oil price questions. What's a real trip is that freeways in los Estados Unidos are war time designed just like many of our factories so we can go from producing pinche burritos to bullets rapido ... but we didn't and that's pinche fucked up!


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Good idea Cholo!!


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