Thursday, July 21, 2005

OCTA is in Washington Tambien (listening to Street Fighting Man)

(Originally appeared in OC Craigslist, 7/21/05.)
Q-vo gente, hey did you vatos hear about LA's Mayor Villaraigosa (Chulo)... pues the vatos in DC to meet with boulevard gente. Simon, he's wearing the zoot suit porque the San Francisco flamers pues quieren todo la fidea por calles for their pinche bridge, tu sabes that overated orange caca stain where you can pay $2 then can jump off. Simon, it appears the bridge is pinche too slippery y cochino from all those pues late nighters and needs $8 billion worth of repairs - pues se guito Chulo and se fue to protect Barrio MTA - trese, pero el gavado Gov and his legis homies pues jumped Chulo and handed over to los Flamers a pinche wad of cash wrapped with a an exlarge g-string!

So Chulo, como El Pachuco, put himself in the center to get a cut of the action and will meet with transportation and nat'l securidad gente including Dept of Transportation Secretary Norm Pineda, House Leader Nancy Pelosi (esta bonita), Feinstein, Boxer and Rep. Dan Young (Alaska), simon, this last vato carries a purse, just Mr. Brady did in real life, but this bolsa esta lleno de dolares por las calles - he's top dog eses. Chulo has 3 straight days of boulevard meetings, que suave ....

Hey...what about us in Barrio OCTA y-que ....simon, do you expect us to cruise in streets like that! que pues, check out this vato .... pueees didn't you hear ... simon, OCTA is in Washinton tambien but in Enumclaw, Washington near Seattle, simon, OCTA has an appointment with a pinche horse! Didn't you vatos hear about that tapado that died after getting poked by a caballo in sister kissing Enumclaw, it appears this is the real TJ where big donkey huevos exist, simon, the vato died of perforation of the culo... eeeejjo, fue un calienteee, I wonder ... pues never mind eses ....

So that's where OCTA is, con los animales. I wonder if OCTA Exectuive Director Art Leahy bought his pinche caballo zapatos or if he's just a damn cheapskate and just turned around! Pues OCTA is a 17 member board and only has 3 mujers, Leahy makes the board 18 caballo strong. Hey, who do you think double teamed Silver, Leahy and Correa or was it Anaheim Mayor Kurt Pringle and Huntington Beach council member Cathy Green with an orange strap on ... ondale Silver, calmase! I bet santana mayor Pulido was chasing a goat or two and Supervisor Campbell was deepthroating a pinche gallo for a vote!

Pero sabes que, I don't care, I really don't, they can all wear tight joto jeans for all I care ... peros sabe que, OCTA needs to be a bigger player with Chulo in town because va comer todo, OCTA needs to be MTA's ally and help coordinate the delivery of cash to Barrio OC trese - and then fix our roads with apple butt cremita!

Later homies and remember, the (Recycled) Cholo Knows!


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