Wednesday, July 06, 2005

El Pres Lincoln's been to sanTana (listening to Nortec Collective)

(Originally appeared in OC Craigslist, 7/06/05.)

Orale ... Q-vo gente, hope your popeye 4th was pues . . . red white y blue. Pues aqui en sanTana, its been the fourth since probably may 1st but nothing prepared me for el grande 4th. Chingow, sanTana City Council fue bien to cancel the cuete show at Centineal Park because everyone held their own fiesta. Simon eses. Just about every casita had a cannon to shoot cuetes in the sky ... reminded me of Micky's chante - orale. One vato two houses down shot his cannons and his fireworks formed a Abe Linclon's face with hat in red and blues - cool and drew ahhhhs six blocks wide. This sky picture formed an umbrella over 4 houses, including mine, or 8 sparkling SUVs - orale!

Sky rockest de la chingada were flying like taxis driving in Tijuana - total pinche chaos! Y tu sabes los ninos mexicanos, they were getting the perros borrachos y tambien lighting the sky rockets sideways, kind of loco but firme. Pero sabes que, no cops .... none. For some odd reason, no placas except one which came zooming at 100mph through the chinga hood, but we just turned our cabezas and lit away. Tambien, nada de helipinchecopters. Nada. I guess they figured they'd let us burn our own cases and tiendas, que no?

Pues, the lack of attention was okie dokie con nosotros because it allowed everyone to chingar the street with cuetos their tios brought from TJ two weeks ago along with the penicillan, tequila, and his newest pinche item silicone - ummmm, ya se cree mucho! Simon, and his vieja, la Tia Chole, tu sabes, con el pelo corte died shiny red, she'll inject you with her fat shaking fingers. The sound her jewelry makes reminds me of a John Bonham solo - orale.

The calles were actually a war zone considering all the flying bullets (sky rockets), bombings shaking the windows (cherry bombs) and all the smoke, chingow, no kidding, the visibility rate was about 1 foot! But we survived, I think because there were so many crudos asleep on lawns the next morning. Pues, nothing a little menudo can cure, que no!

So, city pinche council made a wise decision by cancelling the 4th show at the park and I'm glad they did because Abe came back to live - en sanTana. Hey, next year all you gringos are invited to the show, maybe Mt Rushmore will appear in the sky . . . but if you can't make it, esta bien eses, because you have actually about 60 or so days to catch the show before the pinche 4th, I mean that's when we legally start celebrating illegally . . .

Pues, como yo, I'm sure you've had enougth red,white and blue patriotic eyes in your life, besides, mi hina La Angela (Puppet) ya quiere ir a Santa Monica.

Later homies and remember, the (Recycled)Cholo Knows!


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