Thursday, June 30, 2005

aaaayyy Manuela (listening to 89.9 KCRW)

(Originally appeared in OC Craigslist, 6/30/3005.)

Pues, Q-vo amigos, well as I mentioned on Tuesday, Saddleback High School principal Eshter Jones will stay. A few weeks ago, Jones memoed teachers asking them to pass failing students so Saddleback would meet the No Child Left Behind (but never enough illiterate or incarcerated victims) threshold. Simon, district officials stated that she will remain top dog at the H.S. - how will this potato bag breasted broad face her staff and students? Que huevos. Hey, I bet she had some dirt on Al Mijares SanTana School Stupidintendent of School. That vato is freaky looking, very creepty, but I'm sure Jones fought back because while her memo was fucked up and makes government employee look mas tapados, I'm sure Freaky Al has also done his movidas to collect federal dolares - orale! What a dude? So, think she just fought back or did Jones put out tambien? Fuchee!

Pues, it's been the 4th of july aqui en sanTana since Mayo. Simon ese, cuetes up the culo have been exploding every night. Sky rockets, cherry bombs and flowers light up my skies about 15 minutes after the yellow school buses pass the hood. I just pull out a chair, a doobie, cerveza and tequila y ya stuvo - it's lover's lane. As a matter of fact on weekends - ehoo que la chingada - its fiesta como nada. Eho, man, there are probably 3-4 pachangas within three blocks, I haven't been to baile tan chingon since a MeCHA conference at UCBerkeley years ago which had thousand of gente including Jesse Jackson, Cesar Chavez, Art Torres and others - orale.

Hey, did you vatos hear about that pinche vato Sheriff Corona, que guey. He asked the pinche OC Board of Stupidvisors for $300K so he could pays some uptight abogados to defend his appointment of "special reserve" folks, gente who get badges and permits to carry a gun. Ummm pues, aqui en my block everyone is a "special reserve" vato - badge, cuete y huevos. as a matter of fact my neighbor is an established doctor, simon she gives shots - orale! The Board said chale to Corona only because, I theorize, his name is in limbo with all the pinche controversy re: Jaramillo and all his broads with big nasty chichis, dirty boy Haidle and all those other topos. But, belive me, if Corona wins reelection for Sheriff, he'll come back and request $500K and he'll get it. Simon, ese asi trabaja la pinche vida, rub my huevos and I owe you one - aay manuela!

So, I guess the lesson from our pinche public folks (no son leaders ese) is to do what ever it takes to enlarge your culo because their bullshit traffic and problemas and disrespecto por la gente will continue up the tax payer culos forever - orale! But if you're a vato on the t take and sleeps with his dedo in his culo anyways, I guess your cool. For the rest, well, we'll soon begin walking around with our fingers parked next to our nostrils tambien.

Orale homies, mi hina La Angela (Puppet) and yours truly tenemos ir a eas los (LA). Simon, some of my old college homies from the bay area (they claim that's were writers live - OK si tu dices), and nueva york son aqui to celebrate some milestones - orale.

Later and remember, the (Recylced) Cholo Knows!


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